When spoked wheels come to the rescue, the world of car-sharing becomes more interesting

A new car-share service that uses a spoked wheel to steer customers around the streets has gone live.Spoked Wheels, launched in Australia earlier this year, allows customers to pay an upfront fee for an unlimited number of wheels that are available for free, which can be locked in the car at any time.The service is also available on the road, […]

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LONDON: Spoke’s bike shop to close after 10 years

Spoke, a bike shop in London’s north, will close its doors after 10 long years.The shop, which opened in 1996 and was a major source of pride for spokes, has been the subject of multiple legal battles over the years.Spoke has been fighting a legal battle with rival bike shops in the city, which is trying to get the shops […]

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Next Big Innovation for Spoke App – Spoke Design

Spoke design is becoming increasingly popular among professional users of the internet and in social media, but what is it?What is it for, how does it differ from other online communication platforms, and what does it mean for us?Today we’re excited to share with you a new Spoke app designed by our Design Team and a few of our colleagues.It […]

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