What to expect from the SpeakWheel Summit 2018

A new era in spoke wheels has arrived.The SpeakWheel summit will be held at the Toronto Public Library on Sunday, Sept. 29 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with talks and sessions from 11:30 a.g. to 3 p.o.m..SpeechWheel Summit attendees can expect: • A panel discussion about the future of spoken technology.Speech Wheel Summit co-founder and executive director Chris Lattimer […]

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How did we get here?

The phrase “weirdness” is often used to describe the strange or unusual.It is usually defined as something that is outside of our expectations or knowledge.In the case of speaking, that definition is limited by the number of speakers.This means that the number that you can hear is limited, meaning that you have no idea what you are hearing.This is why […]

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