‘I had to stop and take a breath’: Dad dies after falling asleep while speaking French

A French father who died after falling sleep-deprived while speaking English has been awarded £1 million by the courts after he died after the accident.Daniel Speroni, 47, from Southampton, was travelling on the M5 at around 11:30pm on Monday when he crashed into a parked vehicle.He was found dead on the road a few hours later.He had been asleep when […]

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God’s spoken words: This video is for you to listen to while you ride through the city

Bike spoke beads are the holy grail of the spoken word.The beads, made of gold, are meant to convey the power of words and the power to speak them aloud.Here’s a video by Bike spoke that demonstrates how it works.The beads are made of a precious metal that is very hard and has a special chemical that makes it harder […]

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How to define spoken cafe in Australia

How to say “spoken cafe” in Australia? You’ve probably heard the term before, but where does it come from? What’s the definition? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a cafe where the staff speak a language other than English. There are many ways of doing this. Some may use a sign outside the cafe that tells you the time, or use a small sign that says […]

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