Why does the Spurs need to build more luxury?

The Spurs need more luxury.That’s the gist of the reasoning that came from the NBA’s new report on luxury-tax changes, which was issued Tuesday and has been widely circulated since then. The league’s executive vice president of basketball operations, Bob Myers, made the bold assertion in a report published by USA Today and ESPN that the Spurs’ projected $42 million tax […]

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When we talk to people we can’t speak, how can we be trusted to speak in our own language?

With the rise of artificial intelligence and the advent of machine translation into everyday speech, the question of whether we can trust the spoken language of our fellow humans is being raised again.This article first appeared on the Next Big Futures blog.Read next: Apple’s next-generation Siri is getting a new design that will make it easier to read Apple’s next: […]

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How to make a $300,000 home for your mom

You know the one: A $300 to $400,000 house that doesn’t have much of a kitchen and no bathroom, but still offers the perks of home ownership, such as a pool and gym.Well, there’s a solution.Read MoreIt’s the “dream house,” according to a new study published in the American Journal of Housing Economics.The researchers at the University of Michigan’s Ann […]

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