How to Speak Out Loud without Being a Crazed Crazer

A pair of speakers with a distinctive look and sound, Cadillac spoke Rims and Lux spoke Style have been the subject of quite a bit of controversy.For a lot of us, it’s been a very difficult time.The two speakers have become the talk of the town and have been used as the basis for a whole slew of commercials.A new […]

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How to Talk About the Speech and the Voice in your Talk With Others

Talk about your speech and voice with others is important.Here are a few tips to help you make your message more effective.READ MORE: New speech and speech-language therapist says children are more likely to be speech-deficient than adultsRead more about speaking tips and common speaking mistakes.Here are a couple of things to consider:1.Make sure your voice is clear.If your voice […]

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