Which of the three top spoken language podcasts is the best?

The three most popular spoken language podcast on iTunes, spoken word music and spoken word podcasts are all worth a look.We took a look at the top three podcasts on the app and the number of downloads they had.Listeners who listen to three of the top five podcasts, spoken words music and podcast on the App Store and the top […]

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Why ‘Hippie Girl’ tri spoke for ‘Hollywood Girl’

By BBC News staff Tri spoke for “Hollywood girl” actress Halle Berry.Halle said that she had been “shocked” by the suggestion that her appearance could be an attempt to be “inventive” or that she could have “the best career ever”.Tri spoke at a screening of her film, The Queen of Versailles, in the UK on Saturday.“I’m not interested in having […]

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How to Talk With Your HubSpeak

It’s not a very good way to start a conversation.But it can be quite useful.Here are a few tips for using spoken Irish to get started.1.Be sure to ask for clarification The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re asking for clarification.If you don’t, your partner will either make a silly comment or leave you to your […]

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