‘I have a son who has died’: A grandmother’s plea for help

A grandmother has shared a harrowing account of her grief after her son died in a horrific car crash.In a harrowing message on Facebook, Gloria Cazares, who was in her mid-60s, said she had lost her son in a tragic car crash in November 2016.“I had a son, a beautiful little man, who died on the road and I lost […]

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How to hack into your own smartphone with an iPhone-style fingerprint reader

Ars Technic’s tech blog has a nice roundup of some of the more interesting hacks out there, but the most interesting was the one that uses Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint reader as a fingerprint scanner. In this article, Ars Technics’ Joe Belfiore takes a look at the code that powers this feature, the fingerprint reader itself, and how you can use […]

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