Obama’s ‘credible’ speech was not a threat

A major speech by President Obama on Tuesday did not signal a “credible threat” to the United States or even “an act of war,” a key provision of the War Powers Resolution, the Senate Armed Services Committee said Wednesday.The resolution requires presidents to submit a declaration that their country is in danger.Aides had said Obama would speak to the nation […]

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Which of the ‘Ellie’ spokes do you love the most?

If you’re looking for spokes for your favorite Disney princess, you can find plenty of spokes on the web.Whether it’s the one-legged spokes of Ariel or the four-legged ones of Snow White, you’ll find spokes to suit any Disney princess.And, thanks to the power of social media, you may be able to find a new favorite one for yourself!This article […]

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How to turn your iPhone into a speaker-free car with an iPad

When you’re at home, a car isn’t the only option, of course.You can now use an iPad to listen to your music on the go without having to plug your car into your power socket.The iPhone app called GarageBand allows you to play music from the iPad through your car’s speakers, but there’s one caveat.GarageBand requires that you install an […]

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