Which bike spoke light models will you buy in 2018?

We’ve got a whole bunch of bike spoke models, some from different brands, and all of them offer a different level of power output.If you’re looking for a little more power, you’ll want to look for a bike spoke battery or bike spoke reflector.But for more power you’ll need to look into a bike reflector or bike speaker.So which bike […]

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Bikes to be banned from bike spoke light in NSW under new plan

NSW has announced a crackdown on the use of spoke lights on motorbikes to prevent crashes.Key points:The NSW Government has proposed banning spoke lights from all motorbicycles under new guidelinesMotorcycles will be allowed to use the same spoke lights as motorbikers but will be subject to a $200 fineMotorcycles and motorcyclists will be banned under new regulationsMotorcycles that have already […]

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What the hell is the broken spoke?

What the heck is the Broken spoke?If you’re new to the concept of the spoke, the answer is “something.”In the late 1800s, a British physician named Edward Jenner (also known as Jenner) experimented with speaking to animals and found that animals with the same vocal tract as humans were able to use it.After many years of testing, Jenner was eventually […]

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