How did we get here?

The phrase “weirdness” is often used to describe the strange or unusual.It is usually defined as something that is outside of our expectations or knowledge.In the case of speaking, that definition is limited by the number of speakers.This means that the number that you can hear is limited, meaning that you have no idea what you are hearing.This is why […]

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‘A lot of things are in place, we can do this’: A year in the making

Posted November 20, 2018 18:15:11 The Irish government’s “re-engagement with the world” has started with the announcement of a $250m fund to help companies find and hire “high-performing, globally relevant and internationally recognised talent”.It comes as the Department of Finance is launching a “global vision” that will give the government the power to hire “a million” people by 2020.It is […]

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