Posted May 13, 2018 03:02:49 A few weeks ago, a group of Canadians made the news for using their social media to write a song about a man they felt had been wrongly accused of murder.

The song, entitled “Can’t Kill My Love” has now been picked up by Canadian radio stations and TV networks.

But the song’s creator has expressed surprise and disappointment at the response to it.

“I thought the media would take it in stride and treat it like a normal piece of work that was being done in the name of music,” said the man behind the song, who asked not to be named.

He said the reaction was “horrible” and he hoped the band that composed the song would be given a chance to prove it is a real work.

I thought they were just trying to promote themselves and that it would be cool if people listened to the song and they liked it.

“They are so quick to take anything they hear as something positive or whatever, but I just thought that maybe this was just another band trying to get attention and maybe this song was the next thing they were trying to do,” he said.

When asked what he thought of the reaction to the music, the man said he didn’t expect the response and hoped it would help make a difference.

“I hope people will see that the world is a bigger place than they think and that there are people out there that want to do good and be kind to each other,” he added.

However, he said he would not be “stealing” the song or promoting it and that he was looking to “change people’s lives”.

The musician, who works as a freelance writer, said he felt “betrayed” and “shocked” at the reaction.

It was a very difficult experience to write and it was the first time I had to think about what I would say, what I’d say to people and what I didn’t say, he added, noting that his “song is not a crime”.

“It’s a song that I think is so powerful that I felt that if people would listen to it and listen to my words, then it would change a lot of lives, I thought.”

People will see the world as a more beautiful place if they hear it, they will see things differently and they will try to make a change.

“‘They want to save the world’While the song may have been created in the hope of helping someone, its creator said he had no intention of trying to save anyone.

Instead, he hopes that the song will help people to “do good”, he said, and he hopes the response will help to change perceptions of the world and the way people perceive each other.

A man who made the song to support his friend, who was wrongly accused as the perpetrator of the death of a young man in Canada. “

If you are tired and tired of looking at the world in the way that people are looking at it and you want to change that, then you should listen to this song,” he explained.

A man who made the song to support his friend, who was wrongly accused as the perpetrator of the death of a young man in Canada.

Read more:”I didn’t want to make the song about him.

I just wanted to help him.”

The man said that he had written the song because he believed the victim’s family and friends should have been able to “save the world”.

“The world is in chaos right now and the world needs to see change, so that change can happen.

I’m trying to help them change the world.”

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