By now you’ve heard about the gearbox changes for the BMW i9.

The i9 will be equipped with an eight-speed DCT (dual clutch) gearbox, an all-new six-speed transmission, a new engine, and a new powertrain.

The only other major change is that the i3 has a new six-cylinder engine, making it the first BMW to have one.

It will also sport a much larger fuel tank than the i9, and that will likely help the i4 more than the X5 or X6.

The new six cylinder makes a lot more power than the six-pot V8 found in the i5, but it is still a rather weak engine compared to the V8 in the X3 and X5.

The biggest change is the shift linkage.

Instead of the standard rear-wheel drive setup, the i2 is getting a two-link rear link.

It allows for a much wider range of gears and, hopefully, a much stronger gearbox.

There’s also an optional six-link linkage that allows the i8 to have a six-speeder setup, as well as a more aggressive six-gear ratio.

The i3 will be available in both standard and alloy versions.

The standard edition will feature a 1.4-liter four-cylile inline four, while the alloy model will come with a 1,8-liter inline six.

The price is expected to be $28,000 for the base model and $36,000.

It should also come with some options, including an aluminum body, heated front seats, and an all new interior.

The new gearbox will be an important addition to the i6, as the BMW M6 GTI is already one of the most capable BMWs of its time.

It is a superb, highly capable, and extremely reliable four-door sports car that has a top speed of 190 mph and a top fuel consumption of just 2.5 mpg.

The X6 is one of my favorites, as it is a sporty, well-balanced, and highly capable four-seat sports car with excellent fuel efficiency and top speeds.

We will be looking to see if the new gear system can help BMW bring down the fuel consumption on the new i6.

The BMW i8 is also expected to come with an allwheel drive system, but that is not set in stone.

We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out before we can know for sure.

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