A new era in spoke wheels has arrived.

The SpeakWheel summit will be held at the Toronto Public Library on Sunday, Sept. 29 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with talks and sessions from 11:30 a.g. to 3 p.o.m..

SpeechWheel Summit attendees can expect: • A panel discussion about the future of spoken technology.

Speech Wheel Summit co-founder and executive director Chris Lattimer says the summit aims to give the public an opportunity to discuss the importance of technology and how it affects our everyday lives.

“Technology is everywhere in our lives, and we are often just unaware of its existence,” Latterer said.

It’s been about a year since Latterers first launched the SpeakWheels website, which has since become a hub for all things spoke.

The first SpeakWheel event, held in February 2017, was a joint effort between the Toronto Parks Board and Toronto Public Libraries.

Since then, speakers from the parks board, libraries and community have discussed the use of spoke technology and other aspects of the community’s future, including the rise of the spoken car.

The speakers also addressed the need for a public transit system, a new technology for communication and the impact of spoke on social justice issues.

SpeakWheel Summit is part of a larger event that also includes a workshop on technology in the digital age, a symposium on technology policy and policy initiatives and a workshop with Toronto Mayor John Tory.

Latterer says it’s important for the public to know what they can expect at the summit and to share their experiences at the event with others.

We are also launching an online survey to ask for feedback on our speakers.

There will also be a panel discussion at 1 p.g., at the end of the day, where speakers from all sides of the spoke wheel debate will discuss the issues and challenges facing the spoken community.

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