If you’ve been following the recent headlines surrounding the i8, then you’ll be aware of a lot of speculation surrounding the engine.

It seems that BMW has decided to focus on the engine in the 2018 i8 as they’re expected to be more affordable than the previous generation of BMW i3. 

The 2018 BMWi8 engine is expected to have a 2.0L twin turbocharged petrol engine, which is expected in the mid to high range, while a 1.8L twin turbodiesel engine is also expected to see production. 

What’s more, the engine is said to be produced in two versions of the engine, one with the more powerful 1.5L engine and one with a 1:10.4 turbocharged version.

Both versions are expected to use the same 6-speed dual clutch transmission and a dual exhaust system. 

According to sources, the 2018i8 will be the first BMW i model to feature a twin turbo, which has been used for the BMW i5 and BMW i7 models, but will be slightly different to the engine used in the previous model. 

In addition, BMW has also reportedly decided to produce the engine under license to a privateer company, which could mean that the engine won’t see any official introduction until 2019. 

If you’d like to read more about the engine that will be featured in the new 2018 BMWmodel, be sure to check out our previous article on the 2018 model.

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