CNN has a new survey of voters, and the results are in.

The results are not great.

The news network has now had its fair share of bad polls this cycle, and this year has been particularly brutal.

Here are the top five worst polls from 2016, according to the CNN poll: CNN Poll: Pollster Frank Luntz says that a CNN poll in March had Trump leading by 10 points and Clinton leading by 14 points.

Trump was ahead by 18 points in the CNN Poll, which was conducted between March 19 and March 21.

Luntzer said the poll found that Clinton had a 56 percent to 34 percent lead over Trump.

The CNN Poll also found that a majority of voters surveyed said that they would be very or somewhat likely to vote for Trump if he were the nominee.

Lott: CNN reported that the poll showed that Trump had a 57 percent to 35 percent lead among likely voters.

The pollster said the survey found that Trump’s lead in the poll was “significantly higher than what has been reported in other polls.”

CNN Polling Director Andrew Zimbalist said that in a statement, “we have seen that Clinton’s lead among African-American voters is much larger than we initially thought.

This poll shows that the race is much closer than we had anticipated.”

Luntzing: Luntzman’s poll found Clinton leading Trump by a 49-43 percent margin, and that her lead in Pennsylvania was 46 percent to 39 percent.

The polls found that the Pennsylvania poll was conducted on March 7 and 8.

Zimball: The pollsters found that Donald Trump had the support of 52 percent of likely voters in Pennsylvania.

The polling company said that Trump was favored by 54 percent of registered voters in the state.

CNN Polls: The CNN pollsters had Trump with a 54 percent to 38 percent lead in Florida, 55 percent to 37 percent in New Hampshire, and 53 percent to 30 percent in North Carolina.

The Reuters poll showed Trump with 53 percent support in Ohio and 51 percent support nationally.

The Politico poll had Trump up by 20 points in Ohio, 52 percent to 36 percent in Florida and 49 percent to 40 percent in Iowa.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll had Clinton leading with 53-41 percent in Ohio.

The AP/GfK poll had her leading by 17 points in Florida.

The Wall Street Journal/Morning Consult poll had Hillary Clinton leading 53-39 percent in the first presidential debate.

CNN News: CNN had Trump at 54 percent support nationwide, while the Reuters poll had him with a 45-43 lead.

The Pew Research poll had his support down by 12 points in Nevada.

The Quinnipiac poll had the same result, with Trump at 48 percent support.

The CBS News poll had an overall 45-45 split.

The Gallup poll had a 50-42 split, with Clinton leading at 52 percent in South Carolina and 46 percent nationally.

Lantz: Lantz’s poll showed Clinton leading in a wide variety of states, including in Virginia, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Missouri.

Lushz: The Reuters/Grafman poll had support down in Michigan, and a 52-42 lead in Arizona.

The Ipsos poll had that same result in North Dakota.

The Fox News poll showed a 52 percent lead for Trump in Iowa, with 54 percent saying they were not certain of whom they would vote for.

CNN poll results: The AP poll showed support for Clinton at 53 percent nationally, while CNN had a 46-43 split in the AP Poll, while Fox News had support at 42 percent.

Lotto: Lotto had support for Trump down in North America, with support in Michigan and Pennsylvania down.

Zimbler: The Ipsus poll had more support for the former Secretary of State than the Reuters/Gallup poll.

Lundz: Zimbz had support in Iowa down to 37, with just 14 percent of the poll’s respondents saying they would not vote for her.

ZImbalist: Zimbell’s poll had 49 percent support, with 47 percent saying that they did not know enough about Clinton to make an opinion on the candidate.

The Huffington Post poll had just 29 percent support for a Democratic nominee, with 37 percent saying it would not make a difference.

CNN: CNN was down in all of the polls in Florida except the Reuters survey, which had Clinton ahead by 15 points.

The Clinton campaign said that it would be a “disappointing” result.

CNN polling: CNN has had a terrible year, with the bad polls dominating headlines.

It appears that the worst poll is a result of a bad pollster.

If only the polls were better.

CNN’s pollster Frank Leibovich had the bad pollsters in mind when he called for a “full-scale war” against Trump, and to keep Clinton from winning the presidency.

In an interview with CNN, Leibowitz said,

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