At the height of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a group of Sam’s employees decided to speak up for the workers, and they did so loudly.

In the words of one of the spokesmen, Sam’s “employees were like, ‘This is what we want to say.

We don’t want to live in a country that oppresses our workers.'”

Sam’s employees were like “this is what they want to [say],” said a Sam’s spokesperson, adding that they “have never seen such an aggressive and dangerous position taken by Sam’s workers, who are a vocal minority of the workforce.

We are proud of the fact that Sam’s is a company that is standing up for its employees.”

This is Sam’s first national advertisement for the holiday season.

The company also plans to take part in other national campaigns.

For now, Sams spokespeople are not speaking out on the issue, but have shared their views on the ongoing conflict and the current state of the Middle East.

In his latest television appearance, Sam has said: “I am a Jewish and Sam’s was the first place I went to when I was a child.”

He added that he does not think Sams workers are discriminated against.

Sams spokesmen have said that Sams employees are in favor of the boycott.

Sam’s spokesmen and their colleagues have been vocal in their opposition to Israel and have said the company has not been able to maintain its sales and profitability despite the harsh Israeli occupation.

The Sams spokesperson told the Jerusalem Post that the company does not have the ability to sustain itself, even as the boycott is gaining momentum.

“We do not know how we will be able to keep our operations going, even though we are selling goods in Israel,” said the spokesperson.

“Our biggest problem is that we have been forced to sell goods in a foreign country and then they are able to sell them at the same price in Israel.”

“We have a lot of our employees living in the West Bank and they have been very affected by the situation, and this has made them very upset,” said Sams’ spokesperson.

Sam, who also operates in the U.S. and Canada, said the BDS movement is an attempt to “change the narrative about Israel, and that narrative is based on lies.

They don’t care about us.”

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