The most important tools in your home are speakers, according to the latest survey from HomeKit, a new platform designed to connect homes to the Internet.

As it stands, most of these products are limited to using a Bluetooth speaker, a USB hub or an AC power adapter.

But now, we know that these things are about to change.

The home appliances market is projected to hit $1.7 trillion by 2020, which means speakers will be a critical part of the equation.

In addition, a growing number of home devices are using new technology to make the connection between their speakers and the internet.

In fact, the average home has over 40 speakers, and the technology is getting better at making them work.

Here are the three biggest speaker makers on the market right now.


SpeakerTech: The speaker company announced that its $199 speaker with a 10-watt amplifier will be compatible with the new HomeKit wireless speaker adapter.

The company says it has over 1,100 speakers in more than 50 countries, and it has been making speaker products since 2002.

The speakers are all built to use HomeKit technology and are compatible with devices like smart thermostats and smoke alarms.

Speaker Tech is also developing the speaker that will be used with the HomeKit adapter.

It says the speaker will be available for purchase starting in 2018, but no release date has been announced yet.


EchoLink: The company’s new $199 EchoLink speaker is powered by the same 10-speaker system as its $149 Echo speaker, which was released in February.

But it will use a Bluetooth connection instead of a USB one.

Echo Link is launching the speaker with the $49 Apple HomeKit speaker adapter, which connects to your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth technology.

The speaker can also be used in its own wireless mode.

Echo Links speaker will come in black or white.


iSpeaker: iSpeakers has made a big push to bring the speaker market closer to HomeKit.

The brand is launching a $399 smart speaker that includes an EchoLink microphone and speaker, plus a pair of speaker cables that plugs into the same USB port on your phone.

It also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, a built-in mic and a speaker remote.

The iSpeak speakers come in two models, the EchoLink Pro and EchoLink Echo Pro, which both have 10 speakers.

The Echo Pro is the more expensive model, and iSpeaks has added two USB ports for a total of six ports.

The product costs $399.

The new speaker is expected to launch in 2019.


Sparkfun: Sparkfun is building a new speaker system for the home that is powered from its $129 SparkFun SmartHome speaker.

SparkFun says it will offer its speaker with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, but its speakers won’t be compatible.

The SparkFun SparkFun smart speaker will cost $99, and will have Bluetooth, Wi-FI, and speaker remote support.

It will also have the same speaker-to-speakers connection as the HomePod speaker.

The device will be launching in the spring of 2019.


Sonos: Sonos is releasing a $299 smart speaker system that includes a pair to the Home speaker.

This speaker has 10 speakers, including two on-board and two built-into the speaker.

It is also compatible with Sonos Home and AppRadio apps.

Sono has also said that its speakers will also work in its Home app.

SonOS speakers are expected to ship sometime in 2019, though they will likely be compatible only with the Sonos app.


Rooftop Labs: The $199 Sono Wireless speaker and $129 Sonos Echo speaker are powered by a new 10-way audio amplifier, which is similar to the speaker in the $349 Sonos $349 HomePod.

RoorTronics says the Sono speakers will work with any device that supports Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-fi, Bluetooth Direct and 802.11ac Wi-resolutions.

Sonotimes Sonos wireless speaker is $199.


Dyson: Dyson is working on a speaker with 10 speakers that it is launching with the Echo and Echo Pro.

DyrnOS Dyson speaker will use the same Bluetooth audio codec as the Echo speaker.

Dynos speakers will have a 10 watt amplifier.


Apple: Apple is launching its new HomePod smart speaker, and its new $149 speaker with USB-C.

It said the speaker is “built for the future.”

Apple also said it will support other Bluetooth-based devices in the future.


RethinkDB: RethinkingDB is launching an $79 home automation speaker with Wi-fidelity, WiFlux, WiFi Direct, and Bluetooth.

It has Wi-Flux technology, and RethinksDB said

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