The latest on the death of the U.S. military’s first female soldier

The latest U.N. report on gender inequality in military service was released Monday.The report found that female recruits make up just 0.5 percent of the 1.3 million American military personnel serving.While women have been serving in combat roles since World War II, the report found a gender gap of about 6 percent in the U-2s, U-4s and U-1s.The gap in […]

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Obama’s ‘credible’ speech was not a threat

A major speech by President Obama on Tuesday did not signal a “credible threat” to the United States or even “an act of war,” a key provision of the War Powers Resolution, the Senate Armed Services Committee said Wednesday.The resolution requires presidents to submit a declaration that their country is in danger.Aides had said Obama would speak to the nation […]

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