A new car-share service that uses a spoked wheel to steer customers around the streets has gone live.

Spoked Wheels, launched in Australia earlier this year, allows customers to pay an upfront fee for an unlimited number of wheels that are available for free, which can be locked in the car at any time.

The service is also available on the road, but not in car parks, which is a big step forward in getting the service to the public. 

Spoked wheels are not only great for safety, but for convenience as well, as it gives people access to a safe and reliable service.

It’s a win-win. 

It’s also a win for the public, as Spoked Wheels is a safer alternative to car-pooling that is designed for those who don’t have the luxury of car pools.

“When people want to use the public spaces of a community centre to take advantage of free wheeling, that’s the ideal outcome for them,” Ms Suanne said.

“We’re able to provide them with a safe alternative to public spaces.”

The Spoked Wheel is already used in Melbourne, where it has seen a massive uptake.

Spoke Wheels is available for both free and locked in cars, so it’s not clear how many people have actually used it.

But the company is working on bringing it to the UK, which would be a huge win for everyone who relies on public transport.

“Spoked Wheel’s platform will enable our drivers to share their driving experiences with other drivers across the UK and Europe,” a spokesperson for Spoked wheels said.

A spokesperson for the car sharing service, Car2Go, said it was committed to ensuring Spoked is a successful launch.

“Our goal is to bring Spoked to the wider UK market and we look forward to partnering with them on this journey,” they said.

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