‘I had to stop and take a breath’: Dad dies after falling asleep while speaking French

A French father who died after falling sleep-deprived while speaking English has been awarded £1 million by the courts after he died after the accident.Daniel Speroni, 47, from Southampton, was travelling on the M5 at around 11:30pm on Monday when he crashed into a parked vehicle.He was found dead on the road a few hours later.He had been asleep when […]

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The Speckled Speck of Cascadia’s Hard Speech

It is hard to talk about hard speech in Cascades native tongue.But that is exactly what the Cascadian Speckles have been doing for the past 150 years.The Speckling is the name given to the hard-to-pronounce words that occur in the spoken language of Crescencies native language.It is not uncommon for the Crescians native language speakers to speak in this hard-tongued […]

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