The word “broken” comes up a lot in the news this week, with the number of crashes and deaths caused by broken spokes rising to levels not seen since the 1980s.

In the UK, more than 1,000 people have died and nearly 900,000 bikes have been stolen in the past five years, according to the latest statistics.

In recent months, a number of cycling organisations have come under fire for not being proactive enough in reporting and responding to the growing problem.

“If we were all just riding with broken spokes, we wouldn’t have this problem,” said one member of the cycling community, who wished to remain anonymous.

“In a way, it’s worse than broken spokes because they’re less visible.

I’ve had some people come up to me and say they had broken spokes and said ‘they’re not broken’.”

Many spokes are broken because the spokes are not attached to the bike.

“I think if we all just bought broken spokes for our bikes, that wouldn’t be the problem,” added the member.

But many cyclists are concerned that the lack of safety measures and the lack to take responsibility for their actions may lead to further injuries and fatalities.

“It’s not a good situation for cyclists and people in general,” said a member of a cycling organisation who wished not to be named.

“The only way to stop the situation is to educate the public about what is wrong and what can be done about it.”

The Lad Bible was founded in 2003 to address the needs of cyclists, and it has been in existence since 2006.

It provides a wide range of resources for people to access, support and promote cycling.

Its website has been updated several times and it now publishes an annual report, which covers the activities of the Lad Bible.

The Lad bible has a number a spokes broken on their bikes, with many of these reported in the UK alone.

It’s hoped that the report will encourage people to take control of their bikes and that it will be used by the public to raise awareness of the problem.

But for the members of the group, the only way they can achieve this is to have their own spokes fixed.

The group have a few different ways of fixing spokes.

Members of the LBC also make repairs on their own bikes and use a custom-made tool to fix spokes for free.

“There’s no difference in the way it works,” said the member of The Lad bible.

“A few people go out and make a few changes to the spokes, but then they go back home and say ‘I’ve fixed it myself’.”

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