We are living in a very fast paced society.

A lot of things that we would think of as the ‘simple’ and ‘boring’ are not as easy as they used to be, said Mark Hirsch, senior vice president of marketing and communications at spoke wrench manufacturer Spoke Tool Works.

We have to be mindful of when we’re talking to people about a given topic, Hirsch said.

Spoke tool makers have been able to get more users into their business through the use of a spoked wrench, he said.

Spoke tool manufacturers are seeing more people come into their doors with a spoke tool and they are also seeing more customers, so the tool is being used by more people.

“When you talk to people, they want to know what to do with it, so it’s a very good tool to have around,” he said, adding the tool was also being used for a wider range of activities than simply speaking length.

A spoke wrench can be used to reach around a person, pick up items and even to break things.

The spoke wrench has also been used to speak in some other ways, such as to make a dent in a window or open a door, and was popularized by the late pop star Cher, who used a spoke saw to carve out her own words in her songs.

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