NSW has announced a crackdown on the use of spoke lights on motorbikes to prevent crashes.

Key points:The NSW Government has proposed banning spoke lights from all motorbicycles under new guidelinesMotorcycles will be allowed to use the same spoke lights as motorbikers but will be subject to a $200 fineMotorcycles and motorcyclists will be banned under new regulationsMotorcycles that have already been inspected will be exempt from the rulesMotorcycle riders will be required to wear helmets and be at least 21 years old to ride a motorbikeUnder the new rules, cyclists will only be allowed a “reasonable amount” of spoke light visibility on a motorcycle, and motorbiker riders will only use “reasonable” amount of spoke lighting on their bikes.

The new rules are due to go into effect in April.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) said it will also look to introduce “specialised” helmets for motorcyclist riders, as well as a ban on riding on motorbike paths.

But the state government has warned the regulations are “not without flaws”.

“These regulations are not without flaws, and some aspects of them are likely to be interpreted by some people as limiting access to certain features of motorbike behaviour,” Roads and Motorways Minister Anthony Roberts said in a statement.

“There is a real risk that some people will interpret some of the rules as restricting access to other features of the motorbike experience, such as motorbike riding.”

Motorbiker and motorbike riders will also be subject, in future, to a mandatory minimum fine of $200 for any violation.

Mr Roberts said the new regulations would be “a reasonable response to the challenges of modern day motorcyclism” and “will help improve safety for everyone”.

He said that, over the next three years, the RMS was looking at “how best to balance the interests of motorcyclis and motor cyclists”.

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