Posted November 20, 2018 18:15:11 The Irish government’s “re-engagement with the world” has started with the announcement of a $250m fund to help companies find and hire “high-performing, globally relevant and internationally recognised talent”.

It comes as the Department of Finance is launching a “global vision” that will give the government the power to hire “a million” people by 2020.

It is also an attempt to kick-start the country’s economy after a long period of relative economic recovery.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan said the government would give a mandate to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to “engage with global leaders to create and support new talent opportunities”.

The Government has already been making some progress in that department, with an investment of €250m in the “worldwide vision” initiative last year.

In March this year, the BIS also set out a plan for “a global vision” for the next five years.

This is the first year in which the BES has officially announced a global strategy.

The BIS is the government’s external affairs department, and it has a portfolio of responsibilities in international relations, international economic affairs and foreign and defence policy.

The strategy also includes a new strategy for the Irish economy, focusing on how it can attract and retain the best and brightest people to Ireland.

A key element of the strategy is the appointment of an independent director to “build and lead the BIST’s global vision for the future”.

Ahead of the announcement, Mr Noonan announced the Bist’s “global strategy for talent”, and outlined the new roles the department would be “creating” in order to recruit and retain this “global talent”.

In particular, the Government would be putting “global development at the heart of the BISC’s global engagement and global engagement” and would be creating a new “global partnership” that would “rebuild the Bisc’s business network, accelerate our digital transformation and enable us to better leverage our expertise and global footprint”.

In a separate announcement, the department said it would be looking at “creative” opportunities for young people and women in the industry, including by investing €250,000 to support the creation of a new organisation to help “create and sustain jobs in the Irish talent ecosystem”.

“We are committed to creating a strong and innovative Ireland and our new strategic direction will focus on creating the best opportunities for people of all backgrounds to flourish and thrive,” said Mr Noonin.

“The BIS will provide a strong platform for us to achieve this and will also be an important tool in the department’s strategy to support businesses across Ireland, including new entrants into the global marketplace, in a bid to create jobs and growth across the economy.”

The Government also announced it would create a new Office of Strategic Engagement, to provide “a platform for the Government to communicate and engage with the private sector in a timely, creative and accountable manner”.

The Office of Strategy and Communications will be responsible for creating “a new national strategy to engage with business, government and the private sectors”.

“Ireland is the most highly skilled and globally competitive country in the world,” Mr Noonen said.

“This is why we need to create the best, most competitive economy in the developed world.”

The BISC, a division of the Department in charge of business and innovation, said it is “encouraging and supporting” the government in its “reengagement strategy”.

It said it has been “engaged” in the discussions to create a “national strategy” for talent, and has “been in discussions with our partners in the private and public sectors to identify ways in which we can further develop the BISA”.

It added that “we believe the strategy and plan will be an excellent foundation for the long-term development of our country, with a new strategic framework that will support our economic and employment prospects”.

It is the latest move by the Government in its attempt to boost the sector.

It also announced in July that the Department would set up a new Strategic Fund, with the objective of attracting, retaining and training 50,000 “high performing” employees by 2020 and bringing the number of high-performing people to 100,000 by 2020, by investing a further €100m.

The department said the funds would also be used “to build a strong Irish economy” and to “create jobs and grow the Irish workforce”.

“The strategic approach to the recruitment of talent is underpinned by the fundamental belief that we need a strong workforce to enable the Government’s economic strategy to achieve its objective of creating jobs and sustainable growth,” the department added.

“By establishing a Strategic Fund to support our long- term development and our long term success in the global economy, we will create the conditions for our country to thrive in the years to come.” Mr Noon

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