As a longtime advocate of electric vehicles, Ford Motor Co. CEO Bill Ford is fond of saying he wants to “kill this.”

The automaker’s financial troubles have forced Ford to cut nearly 1,000 jobs and shed nearly 2,000 dealerships.

But it appears that Ford isn’t ready to give up on the sporty luxury sedan, which has had a mixed reception from consumers.

On Tuesday, Ford announced that it has begun selling a new model, the Bridgestone RSX, in the U.S. The car has been priced at $28,500, which is $10,000 less than the original $41,500 model.

But the RSX has a more luxurious interior and features a better-performing motor and battery.

In fact, Ford has said that the RSVX will be sold in just eight states and has plans to expand the car’s range to 35,000 miles by 2020.

In addition to the RSZ, Ford said that it is offering an RSX Sport, which retails for $32,800, while the RS5, which will be offered in 2019, will retail for $36,800.

Ford also plans to release the RS7, which starts at $38,500.

The company also said that its electric-vehicle program has doubled in size in the last five years and is on track to reach 1,100 sales by 2020, which would be the second-largest sales surge in automotive history.

The company expects the RSEV program to double again by 2021.

Despite the changes, Ford still maintains that its RSV, which includes a larger, more powerful motor and bigger battery, is superior to the competition.

The RSX’s price tag is significantly higher than the competition, but Ford said it is the only one of the two in the market with the most powerful electric motors in its lineup.

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