The world’s most spoken gospel – and a lot of it is spoked to

The most spoken Gospel is spooked and spooked people.So it was for Paul and his apostles, but they have always been spooked by the same thing: The same problem: The world is filled with people speaking in tongues.It’s a huge problem.They say they want to speak to people.But they don’t want to go into a world where they’re speaking in […]

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‘I want to kill this’: How ‘Bridgestone’ helped Ford Motors recover from bankruptcy

As a longtime advocate of electric vehicles, Ford Motor Co. CEO Bill Ford is fond of saying he wants to “kill this.”The automaker’s financial troubles have forced Ford to cut nearly 1,000 jobs and shed nearly 2,000 dealerships.But it appears that Ford isn’t ready to give up on the sporty luxury sedan, which has had a mixed reception from consumers.On […]

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How to stop being a broken-talker – ‘I was just trying to get some sleep’

Broken talkers are common and they are not just a problem in the workplace.But it is the old-fashioned type that gets overlooked, especially in the case of older spoke and twisted speech.The spoken word is often more accessible and less stressful than the written word.It is easier to communicate in one language and not have to think about the nuances […]

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