Spoko was a bicycle spoke shop that was located in New York City from 1959 to 1974.

The shop had a number of spokes that were broken.

The spokes were eventually rebuilt.

A group of people who lived in the building, including a couple who bought a Spoko for $25,000 in 1969, bought another bike spoke to replace the broken spokes, which were used for their wheelchairs.

They eventually sold it for $2,000.

The spokes were installed in the shop’s rear hub, which was in the middle of the shop.

The hub came loose on the spokes, and it fell off a bicycle rack, a piece of wood with wheels on it, and broke on the spoke wheel.

The wheel then fell off, but it wasn’t until about four months later that the spokes were replaced.

According to the museum, the spokes “were a bit of a novelty, and they were a bit fragile.”

The spokes had been in service for only a few months, and the wheel was probably used only for two or three years.

While the spokes weren’t used for wheels for another few years, a Spokos wheel was sold to the Smithsonian in 1975.

Bike spoke decorations have been around since the 1970s.

They were first seen in the movie “The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly” and were also featured in the TV show “Duck Soup.” 

A number of the spokes from the Spoko factory were sold off to the private collections of a number a collectors in the 1960s and 70s.

According to the blog, the Spokas wheel was originally installed on a Harley Davidson bike, which made it a popular collector item.

As the spokes got older, they started to fall apart.

The broken spokes were sold to a bicycle shop that made bicycle spoke wheels for other companies, like Yamaha and Yamaha Parts.

“The spokes fell apart in a big piece, but they were still made of spongy plastic,” according to the Buzzfeed blog.

There are currently 18 pieces of Spoka spokes on display in the Museum of the Moving Image in Washington, DC.

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