An interview with the man who coined the phrase “speak truth to power.”

The book is called “Speak Truth to Power” and will be published on May 31 by Simon & Schuster.

It features interviews with leaders like Elon Musk, Elon Musk Jr., Bill Gates, and Michael Bloomberg.

Listen to the interview on Fortune podcast.

The book’s main themes, as I wrote in an interview with Elon Musk a few months ago, are how to get the world to do the right thing, how to make the world work better, and how to do it without killing everyone else.

It’s an interesting book for those of us who believe in a free society, a society that does good things for the world but has some basic limitations that must be fixed.

I read the book at a conference in Paris and I think it’s worth your time.

I don’t know if it’ll change the world.

But if you’re thinking about doing something for yourself, I hope it helps you realize how much it can change.

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