Broken spoke spokes are everywhere these days, but a new generation of wheelsmith spokes are getting the attention of eBay collectors.

According to the Bicycle Wheel and Suspension blog, a new set of broken spokes on eBay for $16 each has a spoke wheel with a cracked spoke hole, and the spokes have broken the spoke.

The spokes are broken in half, and there’s a little paint in the spokes that makes them look more polished than normal spokes.

One seller, who identified himself as Jens, said that the wheelsmith made a mistake and used a screwdriver to repair the spokes, rather than the spoke wrench, as they should have been.

This means that the spokes are going to need to be replaced if they break.

If you’re interested in a broken spoke wheel, the seller said, you’ll want to check out this seller’s listing for one that is for sale.

We’re going to see more broken spokes in the future, so keep an eye out for them.

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