The U.S. government is expected to announce on Thursday the winners of a $3 billion deal to provide funding for the development of new electric vehicles that will ultimately be used on public roads.

But the news that the U.K. government and Ford Motor Co. have secured the rights to build the electric cars could spell trouble for automakers such as GM and Ford.

Ford is not among the winners in the $1.8 billion project announced last month.

The U,K.

won the contract for the technology in 2010.

The U.A.E. announced the winner Thursday.

The winning bid was not disclosed.

The deal is expected at a meeting in Washington on Friday between President Joe Biden and the U.-K.


“We are proud to have been selected to provide the technology and expertise for this innovative program, which is the next logical step in the development and deployment of a truly affordable electric vehicle,” U.R.N. director general Maria Fuchs said in a statement.

Fuchs said she is hopeful that the technology will eventually be adopted by more countries and that the government will use it to reduce the cost of vehicle ownership and make the roads safer.GM has said it will invest up to $1 billion to help the U-K.

develop its electric cars.

Ford has already committed $1 million, and Ford has said that it will fund at least $500 million in its investment.

The winning bid, the first of its kind, was announced after months of discussions.

It was announced Thursday during a ceremony at the Ford Motor Company’s plant in Flint, Michigan.

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