Spok, one of the world’s largest producers of tyres and wheels, is facing a shake-up with the new owner of the Spok factory in Adelaide.

Peter Sibbe, owner of Spok stock in Australia, announced last week he would take over the business in March, a move that could see a major overhaul of the business.

“Spok is in a really difficult position,” Spok chief executive Andrew Bish told the ABC.

“I know Peter is very much in the driver’s seat and he’s going to be taking the reins very soon.”

What happens to Spok?

The Spok board of directors are to be met on Monday by Spok’s managing director, who is expected to be replaced by Peter Sipke.

Mr Sipkel will be replaced on Tuesday by former Adelaide and Adelaide Oval player and former Australian cricket team manager Mark Sbik, who previously worked at Melbourne Cricket Club and was manager of the Adelaide Oval from 2004 to 2008.

Mr Bish says Mr Sbiker will have the “sole discretion” of running the business, although the board will have to approve his appointment.

What do we know about the Spoks new boss?

Spok is owned by the billionaire businessman Andrew Bischof, who has a stake in Spok as well as several other brands.

Mr Spok says the company’s shares have increased by about $300 million in the last year and a half.

Mr O’Malley said he had asked the board for a “mutual assurance” that they would keep the company “operating as usual”.

He added that the board “is committed to the long term success of the company”.

Mr O ‘Malley said that the company had an “unshakeable commitment to the Australian sporting community” and that the “long-term future of Spoke in Australia is absolutely secure”.

What are the Spokes problems?

Mr Sibbes “major changes” are likely to include a reduction in the number of employees at the Spoke factory.

It is understood that Mr Sibiks “significant” decision to close the Spink factory, which he has been involved in since the late 1980s, will be reviewed in the next few weeks.

“The long-term long-range vision of the new CEO of Spokes is to ensure that Spok continues to deliver the products and services that Australians expect from Spokes,” Mr OMalley said.

The Spokes factory in South Adelaide is one of Spoken’s most prominent locations.

The company was founded in 1974 by Andrew Biscuits, and has produced tyres and wheel designs for many years.

Mr Baik was the head of the Australian Cricket team in South Australia when it was a private company, but left the game in 1999.

He was a member of the cricketing elite of the 1980s and early 1990s and is now a professor of marketing at Adelaide’s Murdoch University.

He has a PhD in marketing from the University of New South Wales.

He left Australia to pursue his academic career overseas.

Mr Bailey was the first African-born cricketer to play Test cricket for Australia.

Mr Maile was the son of the former president of Australia’s national cricket board, Sir Donald Bailey, and is also the son-in-law of Adelaide Oval founder Ian Botham.

He played for the Australian side in the 1995 World Cup in England and was a key member of that side.

The Adelaide Oval, named after former Australian players such as Stephen Dank, is named after Adelaide Oval cricket team captain Andrew Maile.

It was built by a private firm, Spoke, after the 1996 Australian cricket World Cup.

“We’re excited to be a part of a vibrant and innovative organisation that has a lot of strong long-standing support in the community and a strong and proud history of excellence,” Mr Bailey said.

“This will mean Spoke will continue to be one of our key players in the Australian community.”

Mr Bailey also played for South Australia and has previously served as a member and adviser to the Cricket Australia board.

“It’s important that the new owners understand the importance of building an inclusive environment and culture and that they respect the work and commitment of people from all backgrounds who are working hard to improve the game and to build the sport for generations to come,” Mr Mailey said.

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