In a recent CBS News article, the New York Times reported that the spokes for AT&T and Sprint have both received “spike ratings” from consumers who like the look of the new-style rims.

The new, new-looking spokes are “more sleek and modern” and look “more like the spokes of a luxury car,” the NYT said.

In addition, the spokes are the “bigger, more premium look.”

AT&t said that the new spokes look “better than the previous models.”

“Sprint’s new, premium spokes are a great upgrade for AT & T,” AT&T spokesman Brian McNealy told the Times.

“Sears has been a great partner for AT, and they’re continuing to deliver our customers’ great new experiences with new, more stylish, more luxurious models.”

AT <T’s spokes will be offered in a variety of colors, as well as “fancy” and “sexy” finishes.

AT>T said that it would launch a “spokes program” in early 2018.

The company also said that its spokes will include a new-look color scheme for AT customers.

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