By BRIAN GALLAGHERPosted May 02, 2017 02:31PMThe Los Angeles Lakers are on a roll.

The franchise has made a number of big moves over the past few years, and the team has a new front office leader who has helped to mold the franchise into a team that is better for it.

The Lakers have the best record in the NBA and a slew of high draft picks, which is why it is easy to forget that the franchise has had a miserable run to the playoffs in three of the past four seasons.

But the Lakers are no longer the team that has taken the Lakers’ best years, but rather the team with the best overall record in basketball.

The team has been to the Western Conference Finals in each of the last four years, as well as back-to-back Finals appearances in 2015 and 2016.

They are now in the same position they have been since 2010, when they finished a disappointing 19-81.

The Los Angles have been in the playoffs since the All-Star break, but this time around they are on the cusp of reaching the conference finals for the first time since 2012.

After a series of roster moves and trades over the last few years that resulted in some big names and players being sent to the D-League, the Lakers now have a roster that can match or exceed the teams that went through them, and they have the ability to contend for a championship this season.

The biggest difference is that the Lakers don’t have as many players with NBA potential as they did last season, as they now have to contend with younger players that have more upside.

They also need to contend in order to retain key players that will help them get better.

It’s important to remember that the L.A. Lakers roster is just one of the factors that will determine if the team makes the playoffs this season or not.

But, with the talent on the roster and the way the team is shaping up, the chances of the Lakers being successful are pretty good.

There are a few things that will have to go right for the Lakers to reach the conference final, but they will need to win their final three games to make the postseason.

The first key is for the team to win back-down games, as the Lakers were able to do this season with their defensive efficiency.

If they can get back on defense and hold their own against the teams in front of them, the team will be able to get in and out of trouble without having to rely on the bench.

Lakers point guard Jordan Clarkson is a huge reason for this team’s success in the defensive end, as he is one of only five players to average at least 20.5 points, seven assists, five rebounds and one steal per game this season for the Laker’s.

His value has also helped the Lakers out defensively, as teams have to respect his ability to make plays on the offensive end of the floor and make tough shots for him to get.

Another reason that the team’s defense has been so good is because of the defensive efficiency of the frontcourt.

The Lakers have had a lot of players that can score in the paint, as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have combined for a total of 18.4 points per game.

If the team can get Clarkson in the lane and find him open shots, the defense will have been a big part of their success.

But when it comes to playing with the ball in his hands, Clarkson is not only one of those players, but also one of Los Angeles’ top defenders.

He has been one of their most consistent defensive players this season, with only two games in which he did not play over 30 minutes.

The most obvious reason for Clarkson’s defense is his ability as a ball handler, which he does not do well at all.

However, the other reason is because he is not a great scorer, as his offensive efficiency rating on the season has been just 11.4.

The other reason he has been able to play as a shooter is because the Lakers defense has allowed him to do so.

The defense has also allowed him time to play inside with the team as a facilitator.

But while Clarkson is arguably the team leader on defense, his role has been much bigger than that.

He is arguably one of a handful of players on the team who has the ability and ability to play a lot with the offensive player.

While he is a ball-handler who can score, he has the vision and skill to also be a great passer and play defense.

He can be a big reason for the defense to be as solid as it is this season because of his ability on the defensive side of the ball.

The second reason that Clarkson is playing so well is because they have a team in place that will give him the freedom to create his own shot.

The last two years, the Lals frontcourt has been a bunch of different guys, and Clarkson has become a key part of that, as Kobe Bryant has gone from a dominant force

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