We’re in the midst of a brand new generation of wheels, and the new model that we have here is the Yamaha Xs650.

The XS 650 was designed to go well with the new and improved Yamaha X-series bikes, and we are very happy to report that it has been the perfect match.

 In fact, we have to say that we are quite surprised that it took us so long to see it.

We have already discussed the Yamaha’s XS series wheels before, but now we have a brand-new one to compare with.

The wheels have been upgraded with new spokes and a more pronounced spoke ring that allows for a wider range of strokes.

As for the sound of the new wheels, the XS 65 is the new flagship model from Yamaha.

It is one of the most impressive bikes we have seen in a while, and this is no exception.

The new wheels are extremely light, yet still have the strength to hold up under the heavy loads they are being subjected to.

They feel incredibly smooth and stable under all the riding we have done on them, and they do not feel any pressure to bend at all.

This is why we have not yet given it 5 out of 5 stars.

I am not sure how long Yamaha has been releasing wheels, but it seems like they have been getting progressively better with each iteration.

Yamaha is not the only company that has upgraded their wheels with new hubs, so it is always a good time to take a look at the latest wheel upgrades and whether you like the look or not.

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