It was only a matter of time before one of the most powerful people in the world spoke up again to defend his people.

In a speech to the American Legion convention, President Donald Trump said he believed “the world is watching” as “many nations” were attempting to “turn the world against the United States.”

“There’s nothing more dangerous and wicked than the idea that we have an adversary,” he said.

“That’s why I’ve always said the world is waiting for God to tell us what he wants.

And I know that he will.”

In his address, Trump also said that, despite his recent denials, he’s not abandoning his pledge to rebuild the nation’s military.

“As commander in chief, I will not be the one to leave the nation behind.

The nation has not abandoned us.

Our military is standing strong,” Trump said.”

We’re going to rebuild our military, rebuild our infrastructure, rebuild the military.

We will not back down.””

We have the strongest military on Earth,” he added.

“We have one of their greatest armies.

We have a country that is in great shape, in great condition, with no great enemies.

We can’t let anyone tell us that we’re weak, we’re not strong.””

The world is going to be watching us and we’re going.

I promise you, it’s going to happen.”‘

I’ll be the best negotiator in the history of the world’After his speech, Trump and his wife Melania went out for dinner at a steakhouse, and the next morning, the president met with members of Congress at the White House for a meeting that was scheduled to last three hours.

“I’ll tell you, if we’re doing well, and I know this is hard, but we’re making a lot of progress, I’ll be very, very happy,” Trump told the lawmakers.

“I know we have a very talented group of people here and we have to get our jobs done.

But I’m not going to stop until we’re done.

I’ll do it the best I can.”

But the next day, Trump was at the podium, not the White Houses podium, for a series of meetings with his Cabinet members and members of the military in the Rose Garden.

Trump’s top aides did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In his speech Tuesday, Trump said the U.S. military was “fighting for our very survival,” saying that the country had been fighting “a foreign enemy for too long and we will not allow it to succeed.”

He also said the military was doing “a magnificent job,” adding that “there’s a lot that’s happening.”

“Our men and women in uniform are doing an incredible job, and it’s a very special, a very important job,” Trump added.

“They’re protecting us.

They’re protecting our freedoms.

They are doing their job.”

Trump’s remarks were greeted by many in the room with loud applause and some who booed loudly as they were interrupted by the president.

Trump told his supporters that he would be “the best negotiator” in history.

“When I see how hard you’re working, when I see you fighting, I’m the one that’s going home with you.

I’m going to bring you all home, and you’re going home,” Trump continued.

“You’re going back to the States and you are going home to your families.

It’s the most important thing in the entire world.

So I’ll tell ya, I’ve been doing this my whole life.

And it’s been a hell of a journey.”

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