– In a year when a new toy-maker is trying to shake up the toy-making world with its first electric skateboard, a new brand of spokes has come out of nowhere.

Spoke Wheels, which started life in 2015 in an attempt to bring the old wheel to life, aims to revolutionize the industry with the wheels that are built in America.

The wheels have been designed by the company behind the original Spoke wheels and are now in the hands of a handful of people who are hoping to bring them to the U.S.

Spokes Wheels is the latest in a series of spin-offs that have taken the wheel business from the realm of garage builders and auto dealers to the world of skateboarding.

It was a bold move for spokeswheels maker, Spoke Motors.

Its founder, Todd DeWalt, built his first wheel in 1999 in his hometown of Denver.

A few years later, he bought a used car dealership and turned it into a business, which is why he has taken his wheels to skateboarding’s elite.

Now, in 2018, the wheels are on display at the Colorado International Skateboarding Convention in Denver.

The Wheels on Wheels exhibition features some of the wheel’s original creators and the company has brought on a handful more spokeswheel makers to help it develop its own spokes.

DeWalt said the spokes are still in their original boxes but they are now being manufactured in China and the U: “We’re trying to get them into the hands and into the skate shops,” he said.

He said the wheels will eventually make their way to skate parks in the U, though no specific date has been set.

Spoken Wheels has built some of its own wheels and will soon offer wheels from a local company.

They will come in three styles: a basic, a sport, and a race wheel.

Dewalt said he is planning to expand the wheels in the future.

“This year we have four different styles,” he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Colorado Springs.

“We’ve got a racing wheel, we’ve got some basic wheels, we have a sports wheel, and we have some basic race wheels.”

He said he plans to add more spokeswheles to his company’s lineup as demand increases.

The company has about 20 wheels in stock, and the next year, he said, he expects to add five new wheels.

He declined to name the company’s wheels.

He said Spoke was founded to bring together people who share the same passion for wheels, skateboarding, and sharing the sport with the public.

“We’re a bunch of kids who really love the sport and love sharing it with others,” he added.

DeDwell said he hopes to keep Spoke at its current location near Denver, where he lives with his wife, Kelly, and their two young daughters, Grace and Gracey.

“It will be a good place for kids and for the families to be able to share it with their kids and to show it to their kids,” he explained.

He plans to open a new factory to build more wheels.

“I’m just excited to start building wheels,” he laughed.

For now, he is focused on helping to bring wheels to more people in the skate world, even as his company grows.

DeWal said he has had many offers from the skate industry, but has been hesitant to make the move.

“The whole skate industry is changing, it’s not changing the way we ride.

It’s changing how we build wheels,” said DeWall.

“So I’m just kind of trying to stay ahead of the curve, to stay true to myself and to keep growing, and hopefully I’ll see more and more wheels coming out of my shop.”

DeWall’s company is in the early stages of designing and building its own custom wheels.

DeDwell has a new website that has been in development for the last year.

He will also be traveling to other skateparks in the United States this month to unveil his wheel to a crowd of skateboarders.

The company will have a booth at the 2018 World Surf Championships in Monterey, California.

“Hopefully they will come up and see these wheels and say, ‘Wow, you guys are really taking this seriously,'” DeWale said.

He has also teamed up with the makers of the Spoke Speedmaster, a wheel that has a higher center of gravity and a more aggressive angle.

“It is like the new Spoke,” he joked.

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