The White House is using the power of the purse to limit access to the president and other senior officials, a move that critics say is designed to keep the president from being heard.

The move was first reported by the Washington Post on Monday, citing three current and former officials familiar with the administration’s decision.

It was first detailed in a memo from the White Board of Advisors that was obtained by The Huffington Mail.

It says that the White Houses staff can no longer access the president’s official White House account on the Office of the White Horse.

That accounts for the bulk of White House communications, the memo says.

The memo also states that the president cannot participate in public policy discussions and that he cannot speak at events, unless approved by the White, House, Office of Communications and Public Liaison.

It also says the White and Office of Public Liaisons will no longer work together.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.

The new rules apply to every White House official who is authorized to receive classified information, including the president, the White Senate and the National Security Council, the senior officials told HuffPost.

It’s unclear whether other senior White House officials have been affected.

It could also affect other White House staffers who have been working at the website or who use the Office.

While there is a lot of activity going on, we have a lot more important things to do than to waste your time and effort on a website that doesn’t even function anymore.

— House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)

The decision has been criticized as a way to shield the president as he fights the coronavirus epidemic.

Critics say the administration is hiding behind the veil of the Oval Office, where there is no public access to his communications.

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